What exactly is the Knix Online Warehouse Sale? 

Our 2nd annual Warehouse Sale was going to be in Toronto in April 2020. However, due to COVID-19, this year the sale is online! It starts April 23rd at 10 AM EST, but supplies are limited and it won’t last long.

The Knix Online Warehouse Sale features a selection of past products at discounted prices. Because of limited selection, customers can shop by their size but their colors will be selected at random. And discounted prices will only be valid throughout the duration of the Warehouse Sale. 


Why is there a limited selection of products and sizes?

Products available during our Warehouse Sale are overstock, discontinued items and colours/styles from past limited-edition collections. This selection is made-up of several seasons of merchandise, and we’re giving you the chance to shop some old favorites at a great price to help make room for new items at our warehouse.


Why can’t I pick my color?

Because of limited supplies, you can shop by your size but your colors will be selected at random from the remaining inventory.


If I order multiple items, will I receive duplicate colors?

Since all colors are selected at random, you could get all different colours, all of the same, or anything in between. It’s a mystery!


Will the underwear I order look like the ones displayed on the website?Our underwear selection for the sale is made up of several seasons of merchandise and past collections. You may receive some past faves in your order like our FitKnix, Everyday, Athletic, Luxe or even Lace collections when you shop Essential and Leakproof underwear collections.


What is the return policy?

All purchases from the Knix Warehouse Sale (knixwarehouse.com & knixwarehouse.ca) are final sale, meaning that no returns or exchanges can be accommodated. For your reference, this should be clear from messaging on the product pages, in your shopping cart, as well as on your confirmation email/receipt.


Can I change or cancel my order?

Because we’re working to get your order shipped as quickly as possible, we’re unable to cancel or make any changes to an order once placed.


I decided I wanted to order more. Can my two orders be combined so I can save on shipping?

Unfortunately, we’re unable to combine orders placed separately. 


How long will it take before my order is shipped?

Due to a high volume of orders, it can take up to 10 business days for your items to be processed and shipped.


Can I shop the Warehouse Sale if I live outside the US and Canada?

We love that you found the Knix Online Warehouse Sale. But if you live outside of the US or Canada, you’re out of luck. We are only able to ship orders placed on knixwarehouse.com and knixwarehouse.ca to customers located in the United States and Canada. If you’re outside of the US and Canada but still want to get your hands on Knix, please shop our regular retail site at knix.com and knix.ca.


Can I use my discount code, referral code or gift card on my Warehouse Sale Order?

Sorry, no. Discount codes, referral codes, and gift card codes created for use on Knix.ca, Knix.com, Knixteen.ca and Knixteen.com are not accepted on our warehouse sale websites, knixwarehouse.ca and knixwarehouse.com


What payment method options are available?

You’re able to use a variety of payments, including credit card, paypal and accelerated checkout options.


Can I shop the warehouse sale in person? Can I pick up my order in-store?

The 2020 Warehouse Sale is online-only so we cannot accommodate any in-store pickup for warehouse sale purchases. 


Will you be restocking throughout the warehouse sale?

Our Warehouse Sale is first come, first served. We will not be restocking through the sale, so be sure to act fast to get the styles and sizes you’re hoping for since stock is limited. 


Is Essential Underwear leakproof?

Our Essential underwear does NOT contain our Leakproof technology and therefore does not protect against leaks. Our Essential underwear is comfortable, practical and great for everyday wear.


What if I don’t like what I ordered?

It is possible you may not love or even like what arrives in the mail. Everyone has different preferences and it happens. However, everything in our Warehouse Sale is final sale, so it’s not eligible for return or exchange.


I always wear X size but what I ordered is fitting differently, why? 

Because the majority of our Warehouse Sale products are limited edition and/or discontinued collections, there can be minor sizing variations between different styles and colours.

Why can't I order more than $600 of product? 

For customs reasons, a there is a maximum order value of $600